Heroic: General Nazgrim and Dark Shaman


We killed General Nazgrim a few weeks ago, without too much trouble. He was actually pretty easy, using only¬†7 attempts to get him down. I’m pretty sure he’s one to cheese with obscure groups to get him down stupidly quick, but we’ll see about that.

Heroic General Nazgrim Kill Shot

Generally Grim

Next on the list was Dark Shaman when we revisited them in the following week, proving slightly more difficult with some very annoying pathing bugs for the blobs and bosses themselves. Being the ball in a game of teleport-tennis was not fun, but working around what we could guess to be the issues was relatively easy, and they were soon down.

Heroic Kor'kron Dark Shaman

Ankh THIS!

We’ve already had a few attempts on Malkorok in the previous lockout, and we feel we’re pretty much there already on tactics. Once we get the execution right (and don’t lag) I expect this to be downed pretty soon, which means Spoils of Pandaria would be our next target. Looks fun!

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